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Supply of pulses

Pulses belong to the leguminous plants. The fruits of these plants are called pods. Pulses are the seeds within the pods. The pulses which we can supply include kidney, white and black beans, lentils and chickpeas.

Mintas Specialty Foods can arrange both distribution and delivery for the following legumes: Although not being limited, Mintas Specialty Foods can arrange the distribution for the following pulses:


Beans are available in various varieties, including adzuki, brown-, borlotti-, kidney-, mung- or soybean. Although soybeans will mainly be supplied in big bags or bulk, the other variants often come in 25 kg bagged goods. Of course, customer wishes can be discussed.


Red, brown, yellow, orange, black, green, polished or unpolished: lentils come in many different varieties. Although such products are generally ordered in 25 kg bags, other packaging units are also possible.


Green and yellow (whole and split) peas are available, as are chickpeas. Also broken or ground. Packaging type: 25 kg bagged goods or 750, 800 or 1000 kg product in big bags. Based on customer requirements, a smaller packaging quantity of 5 or 10 kg per bag can also be applied.